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The Gracewell Foster Trust
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History of the site

About the Trust
The trustees took over the 6 houses now known as 256-266 Wake Green Road but it was not until 1968/1969 that each house was converted into two flats.  Sometime after that, the boiler house was erected to provide central heating for all 12 units. The occupation of the houses before conversion sometimes proved difficult, when 2 ladies not previously acquainted with one another had to share a home.

In 1936 the minutes referred to residents as “inmates”! The trustees erected the 10 original bungalows, attractively set around the show piece of the garden area, and these were first occupied after the interviews on 3rd June 1930.  It was then the custom for the full committee to interview all applicants and it was not until 1971 that Applicants' Meetings were held separately.  The trustees confirmed the first lettings in June 1930. In 1971, bungalows 11-17 (excluding 13) were erected, originally with bed-sitting rooms but now 3 have been converted to separate one-bedroom accommodation.  In 1980/81, the main warden's house and Trust Office were erected and the first full-time warden was appointed.

In 1989, after considerable negotiation with St. Christopher's Parochial Church Council and The Housing Corporation, land to the east of the bungalows was obtained and a further 33 flats (known as "Fosters") with all the common facilities and a deputy warden's house were erected.

A deputy warden was appointed and shortly after that a more permanent gardening arrangement was made.  In recent years, a part-time Trust Administrator has been appointed to assist in dealing with the complications of modern living, involving all the statutory requirements in running and managing Homes of this order.
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