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The Gracewell Foster Trust

The Gracewell Foster Trust
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Formation of the Trust

About the Trust
Considerable action took place between Probate on 3rd January 1929 and the first meeting of the Trust on 3rd June 1930.

It would appear that between those dates the executors had taken into hand the 6 houses at "Gracewell Cottages" continuing to offer them for rent subject to a life tenancy of one house, and had applied some of the money in building the bungalows numbers 1-10.  A part of the land was sold to the Parochial Church Council for a small sum.

At the first meeting, the 3 executors, Messrs. Pettitt, Simcox (another partner) and Impey (chartered accountant) were appointed as trustees, together with Mr. Graham Deakin of Perry & Deakin, Chartered Auctioneers, and Mesdames Pettitt and Deakin.  That meeting confirmed the action taken by the trustees and application was made for the registration of the Trust.

All those trustees and many of their successors gave long and valued service to operating the Trust and, after Mr. Pettitt's death in 1945, Mr. Simcox continued as chairman for many years to be followed, amongst others by Mr. W. S. Ellis.  In addition, Mr. Simcox's daughter, Mrs. G .M. Ellis, retired as a trustee after more than 30 years' service.

A number of other trustees gave, or have given, over 30 years' service, including Mrs. M. Fardon and Mrs. M. Wylie.   It was not until July 1931 that the first clerk, Mr. R.C. Finding, was appointed at £21 a year and he served for nearly 30 years. At that same meeting, the first representatives of the City of Birmingham were confirmed as trustees.
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